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Your Time Is Valuable

Your time is valuable. No, I mean it is really valuable. Every hour of your day has a monetary value. This is something professionals like attorneys and CPAs, who bill their time by the hour, are acutely aware of. The rest of us seem to forget it though.

That’s why we allow ourselves to “lose time” throughout the day like it’s no big deal. We might even laugh it off, saying something like, “Well, the day got away from me.” But this isn’t funny. Every hour that slips through your fingers is taking dollars right along with it.

Now, is it okay to “waste” a little time here and there in the name of fun and leisure? Absolutely. It’s not a “waste of time;” it’s an investment in yourself and your family. Living a balanced life means making time for relaxation, and taking time off helps us enjoy life and brings us back to work more focused and energized.

We can even get an unexpected energy boost before a planned vacation because we’re looking forward to it so much. It’s like sprinting the last hundred yards toward a finish line.

So I’m not saying you should never “waste” any time; I’m just saying you should know when and why you’re doing it.

Choosing how to spend your time should be as intentional as choosing how to spend your money. If you want to do something, do it! But as with your money, just be clear on whether you’re making an investment, taking a reasonable expense, or simply throwing your time away.

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