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The 30k Power Up

Did you ever have a dream of creating a great business but you lack the cash to make it happen? I have a solution for


Why Do Interest Rates Impact the Market?

Last year Americans watched inflation hit a 40 year high. The Fed responded with a series of interest rate hikes, each of which had a


A Big Fish Story for the Ages

I sat down this week with my pal Hank Parker, Sr. for a special edition of my podcast “Stuttering Your Way to Success.” What a


The Retirement Crisis

We are on the verge of a substantial retirement crisis. The crisis is fiscal, familial and humanitarian in nature. Retirees who simply don’t have the


How to Build Better Cities

He’s not the new kid on the block when it comes to building better cities. Knox White has been the mayor of my home town


Ten Rules for Investing After Retirement

Have a Plan.  The most important principle of investment after retirement is to have a plan. Intentionality and strategic thinking wins the day. A wise


Stocks 101

What are different kind of stocks? Stocks are fractional ownership of companies. Specifically, they are publicly traded companies,  which can be bought and sold by


Understanding the Fed

Think of the Fed as a determined physician. The patient is our economy. The sickness is inflation. Left unaddressed, the consequence of the disease is


Kickboxing Your Way to Success

Stuttering Your Way To Success,with Erik Weir Ep. 8Special Guest Kickboxer and founder of Shannon In this week’s episode of my podcast “Stuttering Your Way

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