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It’s my pleasure to welcome you today to my new blog, hosted at Here you can learn about my thoughts on developing a winning strategy for financial investments and life as a whole. I will share lessons I have learned from mentors, from the school of hard knocks, and from everyday people I have met on the journey of life. You can read my thoughts on current events in the world of money and finance.

What You’ll Read On the Blog

If you read my book, Who’s Eating Your Pie?, or are following me on social media, you probably know that I am a realist, an optimist, and a contrarian. That means you can expect an uncommon perspective. Here I will show you how to navigate away from a perspective of fear, and I will tackle some of the debilitating mindsets of our generation, including entitlement, bitterness, and self-limiting thoughts. I will remind you of the many reasons we have to be grateful as entrepreneurs living in the United States, and point you to timeless, proven principles for success and leadership.

Coming Soon: A New Podcast

In the days ahead, I will be launching a podcast. This will be an opportunity for you to meet some of my friends – a fascinating cast of characters which includes well-known celebrities, famous CEOs, and ordinary buddies I have known since high school days. It will be entertaining and helpful. I want to bring you into conversations that remind you to rise above mediocrity and present you with tools to do just that.

Both here on my blog and in my up-and-coming podcast I will show you how to overcome obstacles and how to make achievable plans that move you forward. Along the way, I want to hear from you. Send me your questions and comments.

Together we will build a network and ecosystem that will allow you to identify worthy goals and hit them faster than you ever thought possible.

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