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The Real Estate Option

Real estate is one of the most direct paths toward wealth building. It’s insane how many things you have going for you when you take the plunge into real estate investing. You’ve got the federal government giving you tax incentives and savings that no one else gets. You’ve got inflation and appreciation driving your home value up and thereby increasing your net worth while you just sit back and watch. You’ve got low interest rates, making it easy and cheap to borrow money for property purchases. You’ve got investors who want the benefits of real estate with none of the effort who will line up to partner with you by funding your deals. You’ve got people in every city in the country looking for a good place to live. When you invest in real estate, you have all these things and more coming alongside you to help drive you toward your wealth goals. Plus, real estate can be done with a very small investment, and it can be done with a very large investment. It can be done with tons of effort and experience, and it can be done in a total hands-off manner by working with others who have more time. There’s simply no other investment class that comes close to the options, incentives, and benefits that real estate provides.

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