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The 30k Power Up

Did you ever have a dream of creating a great business but you lack the cash to make it happen? I have a solution for you.

Hi, I’m Erik Weir. You may know me through my best selling book, Who’s Eating Your Pie are through my podcast Stuttering Your Way To Success. But for over 20 years I’ve been working with successful entrepreneurs, helping them clarify Mission, Vision and Impact. My focus today is on the next generation of small businesses. That’s why I’m teaming up with my friends at Integrated Media Publishing, publishers of Greenville Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly, and Charleston Business Magazine for unique entrepreneurial challenge to help make your dreams come true.

We’re looking for three of the most promising startups in South Carolina. If that is you send us a video pitching your vision.

I’m excited to be giving away $30,000 in cash prizes. Including a $15,000 first place winner. I want to give you something even more valuable than money, my time and my experience. The first place winner will not only receive a $15,000 Cash Grand Prize, but they will also receive mentorship from me and will have the opportunity to office for free for six months at WCM in my downtown Greenville headquarters.

Small businesses are the heart of South Carolina’s thriving economy. We want to find innovative startups with the necessary ingredients to thrive.

We’re not looking for mega startups that require buckets of cash, but big dreams that can be funded creatively and smartly.

If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you. Tell your friends and follow links below for more information on your opportunity to win.



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