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Opportunity is the Guide. Money is the Tool.

Imagine money as a tool. Like any tool, it can’t do anything on its own; it requires competent hands to wield it. In my experience, competent people already have ideas that need funding, so when money flows to that person, he can put it right to work. Most people get this backward and think money itself is the opportunity. No! Instead, money has a way of finding people who are ready to put it to work. For example, I once heard that the United States was looking to sell ten thousand diesel buses that are no longer being used. Immediately, I went to work coming up with a plan to buy them, put them on a freighter, and sell them in China, where they are in high demand. I didn’t start with the money; I started with the opportunity. If the opportunity is good and I’ve planned it well, I know I can find the money.

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