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I had a great time with Jay Izso on his podcast “A New Direction.” This man is fabulous and a very thoughtful communicator. We talked life, mindset, keys to victory, and my book “Stuttering Your Way To Success.” Go check out his show A New Direction, here is a clip from today’s conversation.

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The show will air coast to coast at 3pm EST 12 PST on the following stations:

Tampa Bay Area (FL) 92.1 FM

Las Vegas, NV – 99.5 FM

Macon, GA – 87.9 FM

Lancaster, PA – 102.1 FM

Boulder, CO – 96.3 FM

Milwaukee, WI – 90.3 FM

Pittsburgh, PA – 94.7 FM

Long Beach, CA – 101.5 FM

The Villages (FL) – 97.7 FM

Jacksonville, FL – 90.3 FM

Washington D.C. – 96.7 FM

90.1 FM Philippines

Dublin Ireland on Tomorrow Radio

The LIVE Show can be found on:




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