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A Gathering of Freedom Eagles

I love South Carolina – it’s rich history and uncommon beauty. I also join the growing chorus who are happily witnessing South Carolina emerge as one of our nation’s great bastions of freedom and entrepreneurship. Much thanks goes to our leaders who have fought to make our state a freedom zone.

Last week I spent my day with some of these superstars who have fought to make South Carolina a land of opportunity. It was great seeing ambassador Nikki Haley, governor Henry McMaster, and lieutenant governor Pamela Evette. It was inspiring to see this remarkable team on stage together knowing that their collective efforts represent some of the more significant contributions to our state and the nation this decade.

Leadership under the six year term of former governor Nikki Haley resulted in South Carolina gaining a reputation as the “Beast of the East” – America’s fast growing, job creating state. With Nikki’s advancement to US ambassador, Henry McMasters finished her term, was elected for a new term, and is now running again. Upon his reelection, Henry will end up being the longest standing governor in the state of South Carolina’s history. Henry has done a great job during Covid to keep our state open. He not only fought to keep our businesses open, but he successfully attracted tens of thousands of people to move to South Carolina’s vibrant coast and other parts of the state. Notably, he was the first elected official to stand up and endorse President Donald Trump in 2016. Between Nikki and Henry South Carolina government is now known for accessibility, for trying to cut through red tape and encourage business growth. These freedom eagles have also incentivized school teachers and created a healthy work environment to allow the state to prosper.

Pam Evette has also been dedicated to the state, She’s always available to help and to talk to businesses about moving to the state. As a successful business woman herself she contribute significantly to the state of South Carolina.

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