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He’s not the new kid on the block when it comes to building better cities. Knox White has been the mayor of my home town of Greenville, South Carolina for longer than any other mayor in its history – 27 years! Under his leadership, the city has been transformed into one of America’s rising destination cities. We have worked together on community projects, and I have come to respect the profound impact that mayors like Knox White have on producing a better quality of life for families. He is also the  author of Reimagining Greenville, where he shares the vision for “building the best downtown in America.” I sat down with Knox, and we discussed life as mayor of an important growing destination city, the architectural plans of Michelangelo, and a host of subjects I believe you will find interesting.

“We strive to be an opportunity city. We strive to make it that way for everyone.”
Mayor Knox White

In This Episode

  • Seeing Potential  
  • Fundamentals of City Planning
  • Breaking Negative Barriers
  • Becoming a Destination Location
  • Learning from Other Successful Cities
  • Greenville, an Opportunity City
  • Getting People Involved
  • Advice for Other Mayors
  • Having a Vision

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