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How To Be a Great Dad

How to Be a Great Dad:

My new podcast “Stuttering Your Way to Success with Erik Weir” has dropped, and I am excited to invite you to tune in to today’s show in which I interview my father, Brian Weir. My dad and I have been working professionally together for twenty years now, and this was certainly one of the most touching and instructive moments of the last two decades.

I am calling this episode, “How to Be a Great Dad,” not because it’s a tutorial on fatherhood, but because the life stories and comments my dad shares reveal the soul of a life of the most generous form of fatherhood. More than any other time in our history as a nation, we need dads to step up, and the simple wisdom my dad shares may inspire you to do just that in your own life.

The episode goes live at 3:30 EST. You can hear it on the streaming platform of your choice including Apple podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, and Google Podcast by clicking here:

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Best, Erik

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