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Happy 20th Dad!

It’s a big day in my life and the life of my family. Today is my dad‘s 20th anniversary of working with me. Twenty years! It has come and gone fast. And for twenty years it has been a complete pleasure to work beside my father. Twenty years ago he was retiring from a long career at Walmart when I called him and asked him to join me. Three days later he was on staff.

Dad represents the ethics and values to which I aspire in my own life which is why has also been one of the greatest influences in my life. Always believing in me. Always encouraging me. Always taking time for me. We have travelled the world together, been through good times and bad. Experienced failures and successes. He has always been there. My dad is my hero.

And for the last twenty years, he has been working professionally side by side with me. It’s been amazing. And now at the age of 84, he continues to do doing a great job with us. Today, we shared a great meal from his favorite restaurant, remembered the good times, and giving thanks for such a great man.

I love you Dad.

My fabulous mother and father.

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