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Be Intentional in 2024

Be intentional. January is still in its infancy and It’s not too late to chart a fresh course for 2024. I want to recommend adopting these four increasingly uncommon practices. They will encourage you and the people who know you.

Here are a few of my favorites which I try to practice:

  1. Write personalized, handwritten “thank you” letters each week: A handwritten letter is a treasure to receive. It communicates a personalism which is often lacking in the modern digital world.
  2. Before you fall asleep each night, outline on paper your priorities for the next day: Watch how your clarity and productivity increase as you start each day with a game plan in place.
  3. Read one book outside your normal area of interest and expertise for every month of 2023: Leaders are readers. Reading out of your comfort zone allows you to expand your perspective, connect with more people and demonstrate the traits of a leader.
  4. Read one chapter in the Book of Proverbs for each day of the month: Proverbs is the most important wisdom book ever written. There is one chapter for each day of the month. This discipline will change your life.

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