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This week I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts, walking the famous Harvard Yard where many of the most influential leaders in the fields of industry, art, finance, education and politics earned their sheepskin. It is America’s oldest and arguably most illustrious institution of higher education. My mission is to complete my Harvard MBA, a project I have been working on for several years. But why does a CEO in his fifties go back to school? Why endure the stress of academic life for the second time. My personal decision to complete my Harvard MBA had little to do with earning power and job advancement, and more to do with my love of learning and mentorship. In the decades to come, I plan to continue my advocacy for mentorship, and play an active role encouraging individuals and companies to take mentorship seriously. The Harvard MBA experience connects me with the next generation of aspiring leaders, helps me to learn more about the immediate challenges before us, and opens up new platforms to speak to this vital issue.

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