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It’s Your Fault

It’s your fault. That may be the most taboo phrase in the English language these days. In fact, if you’re reading this in your early


Mr. Disruptor

He disrupts industries. Now he disrupts social media culture. And he does it with a theatrical intentionality. Images of Elon Musk entering the Twitter headquarters


The Financial History of Twitter

Twitter was on the way up in 2013 with an IPO that raised $1.8 billion. With a first close at $41.57, and an early peak


Back To Shool

This week I am in Cambridge, Massachusetts, walking the famous Harvard Yard where many of the most influential leaders in the fields of industry, art,


There is No Substitute for Preperation

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. There is no substitute for preparation. Going to a meeting? Be the best prepared. Starting a negotiation? Be the most researched person


Field Reports from General Washington

If you had been a member of the Continental Congress between 1776 and the unusually cold Valley Forge winter of 1778, you grew familiar with


Why Fear is Public Enemy #1

Nothing has stolen more joy, rotted more relationships, killed more careers, or prevented more wealth building than fear. Nothing. Fear is Public Enemy #1 when


The Best Recession Proof Investments

Fear is in the air. Fear of recession. Fear of inflation. Fear of a bottomless pit to the market. The greater the fear, the more

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