Hasker Hudgens is a mentor, a man of God, and someone I’m proud to call a personal friend. Through his work at The Equipping Center, Hasker continues to make a positive impact on community through his leadership and service.

In this episode we learn about Hasker’s origin story, and what he would do differently if he was in his 20s again. Hasker shares the insights he’s learned from his hardships and how he has sought out mentors to help him help others.

There’s faith-based problem solving and a discussion around why quitting is not an option when you choose to serve. Hasker is truly an inspiration; his humility speaks volumes. Please join me in conversation with someone I have the utmost respect for.

“One of the greatest things I’ve learned with Hasker is that when you’re giving of yourself to helping others, you have a lot more joy in your life. And the pain you may be experiencing can be quickly offset because you’re helping somebody else.” ~ Erik Weir 


In This Episode:

– Giving back in the holiday season

– Who is Hasker Hudgens?

– Hasker takes his inspiration from Jesus when visiting communities

– The values of education and self-awareness

– Learning how to be a problem solver

– Seeking out mentors to accelerate your growth

– Why do people need to hit rock bottom before they wake up?

– Why fear failure when God will pick you up?

– How do you fall forward?

– The people that you give permission to speak truth to

– Getting empty when you don’t pray

– Learn about Jesus first

– A visit to Space Force!




I Am Evangelism: What can Happen when God WINS Your Soul



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