Brian Weir is not only my father, but the most important mentor in my life.  His life has been defined by hard work, tender love to all of his children and grandchildren, a manly resolve to tackle the challenges of life, and faith in his Creator.

Dad was planning on retiring in his sixties, but I surprised him with an offer to be part of the family business. For the last twenty years we have worked together. In this episode of “Stuttering your way to success,” we share that story and the lessons learned from being a father and son team.


Most listeners will be encouraged to hear about Dad’s 64 year journey of marriage with my mom. The two are best friends and go out to breakfast together seven days a week.

“One of the greatest things I’ve learned from my dad is the world-changing influence a father can have on the next generation by remaining constant over many years. Consistently available. Consistently forgiving. Consistently loving.”  ~ Erik Weir

In This Episode:

Secrets to 64 years of marriage

Who is Brian Weir, the father, businessman and friend.

How to give back to your wife, who has given to you for a half a century.

How my dad rolled during times of difficulty.

Fathers as mentors to the next generation.

Attributes of life-changing fatherhood.

What it’s like to work with your father. With your son.


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