Stuttering Your Way To Success with Erik Weir Ep. 18 Bryan Davis

Looking for a great job in entrepreneurship? Imagine getting paid to meet the best and the brightest entrepreneurs and help them make their dreams come true. My guest this week is living that very dream. Meet Bryan Davis, the Executive Director for The Hill Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Brian is a class act – a sharp, enthusiastic guy on a mission to help entrepreneurs get their footing and succeed. On this show, Bryan and I will explore a passion we both share – helping entrepreneurs launch their dreams.

Bryan is a Greenville resident and Clemson graduate who has been responsible for the launch and growth of numerous initiatives within the Institute including executing new external partnerships and securing new funding resources. He has authored and been successfully awarded several federal, state, and corporate foundation grants, launched a startup program nominated nationally for “Excellence in New Venture Creation” (GVL Starts), and helped lead South Carolina’s first ever state-wide student pitch competition (SC Innovates). Bryan likes to remind us that he and his wife Megan of 12 years have four boys and one very spoiled girl.

In This Episode

The Hill Institute And Furman University

Accidental Innovation

Business Bootcamp

What Is The Future Of Chat GPT?

Entrepreneurial Mentors

Necessary Ingredients of A Successful Startup

Characteristics Of People Who Achieve

Entrepreneurial Resilience

Finding Your Yin And Yang Business Partner

Passion Is Magnetic

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Cost

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