Levon Kirkland is one of my dearest friends. I met him 15 years ago, after he retired from the NFL. Today he joins the podcast to share his experience on how to overcome obstacles, how to face setbacks, and how to come back stronger. Levon speaks about his motivating factors, how he changed his mindset to be a professional player, the role his family and his faith have in his everyday life, and why he considers that God put us on this Earth to learn and to give back. You will definitely leave this episode feeling educated, empowered, and encouraged.

“Surround yourself. Pick your team. Pick your own team, people you want to have there to advise you, to help you along this journey, because you just can’t do it yourself.” – Levon Kirkland

In This Episode:

– Levon’s favorite coaches

– Power of mindset and habits

– Setbacks and how to learn from them

– Advice for people who are experiencing loss and grieving

– The best Super Bowl




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