Stuttering Your Way To Success with Erik Weir Ep. 16 Carl Sobocinski

America is in love with the dining experience. We have entire networks dedicated to the stories of great chefs and their restaurants. From home town diners to Michelin star boutiques, we are a culture obsessed with food. We love to eat food, watch it being prepared, study the service industry, and, of course, consume it in all of its delectable and diverse glory.

But what about the dreamers behind the scenes who dedicate decades to building unique, world-class dining experiences? Take a deep dive with me now on this week’s episode of “Stuttering Your Way to Success” as I introduce you to the man behind a Restaurant Empire in Greenville, South Carolina. Meet my friend, Carl Sobocinski, a chef and restaurateur with a twenty year legacy for bringing the best dining experiences to South Carolina.

As president and founder of Table 301, Carl has spearheaded the company’s growth and development which now includes 10 signature restaurants in its portfolio: Soby’s New South Cuisine, The Lazy Goat, Nose Dive Gastropub, Passerelle Bistro, Highway 301 Food Truck, Southern Pressed Juicery, and Table 301 Catering & Kitchen.

A native of Durham, New Hampshire, Carl made his way to South Carolina and Clemson University where he pursued an architectural degree. Following his graduation, Carl quickly realized that his true passion aligned more with the hospitality industry and community service than architecture and design. In the mid-90s, he took a leap of faith and opened his first restaurant called The 858 in Greenville. Soby’s New South Cuisine followed in 1997. The rest is history.

In This Episode

Creating A Restaurant Empire In Greenville, SC

Location, Location, Location

Being Ambassadors For Greenville

Starting A Restaurant From Scratch

Secrets Of The Service Industry


Community Building

Entrepreneurial Steps

Take Care Of Your People

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