The Story of Twitter

Twitter was on the way up in 2013 with an IPO that raised $1.8 billion.

With a first close at $41.57, and an early peak at $64.50 in Feb 2014; a trough of $14.95 in March 2015.
An all time peak $77.06 in Feb 2021; then a trough of $32.65 on July 2022 on deal skepticism.

Now there is Elon. What will the future hold? This week the fired Twitter execs are expected to receive $100MM of severance. Jack Dorsey owns 18MM shares. Now there is chatter about what an IPO would bring in 4-5 years – some say it could be worth $500B; others say less than his purchase price.

Lots of wood to chop.

Can Elon pull it off without harming the value of everything else?

He’s done the “impossible” before!